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Success Stories

German Doll Company Ramps Up US Distribution

For us, there is no competition. There are skills and knowledge that [Flat River Group] has that we can never ever get.

Jonathan Nurse | Head of Global Sales, Lissi Dolls


When FRG first partnered with Lissi Dolls, the eighth-generation German company was seeking to grow its ecommerce distribution footprint in the US market. They also needed a solution to handle the demands of dropshipping efficiently to their end customers.


Once we kicked off our partnership strategy, FRG was quick to find a solution for Lissi Dolls to get them into the right channels in the US market to accelerate sales. With our best-in-class dropship capabilities, we have been able to facilitate order fulfillment to meet and exceed demand for Lissi Dolls’ US customers. We are continually collaborating on ways to improve sales and brand awareness to relevant markets.

Our Partnership

Flat River Group was introduced to Lissi Dolls at the Dallas Toy Fair in 2017. Jonathan Nurse worked with one of our top buyers to build a custom strategy for amplifying their US ecommerce distribution.

Client Overview

Flat River Group Vendor Partner since 2017. The Lissi Doll Company is a world leader in producing quality dolls, prams and accessories.

The company was founded in Germany in 1879 by Arno and Lissi Batz as a family-owned and operated company. Lissi dolls are well-known for their soft body construction and the attention to detail in the dolls’ features and clothing. Lissi Dolls & Toys Hong Kong Limited was founded in 1989.

Video Transcript

“From day one until payment is received, it’s all very simple, there’s no stress involved at all and that’s pretty key to us.

At Lissi Dolls we’ve been manufacturing dolls for eight generations. They started in Germany and the heads were made of paper maché then, then over the years the products have developed and become more commercial and become more of a fashion trend. So, a lot of the colors we use are based around pantones of the time.

So, five years ago we came back to Dallas for the first time in 20 years. I set up the booth and this nice lady came up to me and said, “I saw you in the book so I thought I’d come and see you; can you tell me about your product?”  And that’s where the relationship started with Flat River, and it’s been an amazing partnership ever since.

For us, there is no competition. There are skills and knowledge that [Flat River Group] has that we can never ever get. [They] get product to the market so much faster than we ever could because of [their] skill set and that’s really important to us. We look at working with [Flat River Group] not as “us” and [them]; we work as a team.”

Video produced by Stoneburner Video Productions, LLC.