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How It Works

Our end-to-end suite of ecommerce services can help at any stage — or at every stage — of your business. 

A Flat River Group warehouse employee retrieves pet supplies and pet-themed board games.

A complete solution to amplify and grow your ecommerce business.

We buy your inventory and then handle the logistics: from selling to our wide network of retailers to ensuring there are no out of stock issues to dropshipping — Flat River Group offers solutions at every step of the way.


Custom ecommerce strategy

What are your needs?

Whatever your product category, we have the expertise and capabilities to increase your sales. We’ll listen and work with you to understand your specific needs, and then we’ll help to create an ecommerce strategy that leads to your success.


Invest in your brand, reduce your risk

Your success is our success

FRG’s deep retail relationships are the foundation of your ecommerce success. We buy, own and manage your inventory among our retail network — eliminating out of stock issues — and we handle go-to-market strategy and fulfillment, taking on the risks — so that you can focus on what you do best.


Warehouse + manage your inventory

We’ll manage the logistics so you don’t have to

Our mass retail reach ensures widespread sales opportunities and our dropship capabilities from all FRG distribution centers ensure your products are in stock and available — maximizing your potential for sales and positive reviews.


Drive sales across major ecommerce platforms

Your products will reach more people

Across numerous product categories, Flat River Group’s omnichannel 1P relationship connects your products with the widest possible network of retailers, utilizing our connections, capabilities and expertise to drive your visibility and sales as far as possible.


Industry-leading dropshipping and fulfillment

Out the door, on time, without fail

With our industry-leading systems and dropship capabilities, Flat River Group ensures optimal efficiency in your fulfillment services.


Cutting-edge forecasting and reporting

Move forward confidently with real data points

Intelligence is key to building any sound strategy, and our reporting will provide you with exactly the data you need to make the best decisions. Insights, forecasting and actionable data points will allow you to scale your business confidently, in real-time.

Success StorY

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