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We know how to accelerate success; let us accelerate yours.

Flat River Group offers several capabilities to fit your individual business needs. Whether it is one or all of our services, we will work with you to find the best fit to optimize your sales and meet your goals.


An order is placed, and the product is shipped. FRG uses our own proprietary warehouse management system technology that allows for maximum efficiency and thanks to our best-in-class (and anonymous) dropshipping capabilities, there’s no delay in getting your products to the people who want them.

Distribution, North America

FRG’s wide and deep network means we’ll pack and ship your product directly to consumers or to our retail connections in North America — both specialty and mass market channels. When it comes to game distributors, we can take your product around the world.

Brick & Mortar

FRG takes your product beyond ecommerce and gets it placed in top brick-and-mortar retail locations across North America.


Consignment is an arrangement between a reseller (FRG) and their supplier (vendor), that allows the reseller to pay for their products after the products have been sold.


FRG has worked with our vendors for years to bring board games to life. Our team of experts uses deep experience in the games segment to develop and manufacture new board games.


FRG can prepare your game to be an international success with our global network of retailers — we’ll even handle language translation.

We’ve faced risk, we’ve solved challenges and we know what it takes to succeed.

Dropshipping, Distribution, Brick & Mortar and Consignment

Flat River Group has taken their hobby and game experience and created a new games-specific division, Flat River Games. Along with our ecommerce capabilities, our board game vendors have access to our best-in-class gaming distribution services.

Publishing & Localization

Greater Than Games publishes engaging, richly themed and highly re-playable tabletop games. Their portfolio of award-winning games includes Sentinels of the Multiverse, Spirit Island, Medium, Tak, Kill Doctor Lucky, Bottom of the 9th and many more.

Publishing & Localization
(Foreign Language)

Synapses Games develops, publishes and translates board games in over 25 languages that are easy to learn, quick to explain and suitable for beginners and challenging the more strategic gamers. Some of their successful games include Assassin’s Creed, Coatl, Betta, Match 5 and many more.