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Flat River Group Games - Monster Box

Flat River Games

Flat River Games is the Hobby/Games division of Flat River Group­™ with Greater Than Games, Synapses Games and Impressions Game Distribution Services.

Flat River Games services include Retail + Hobby Distribution, Ecommerce Strategy and Publishing. Fill out the form below or connect with one of our team members to learn more!

For any customer service inquiries, including requests for replacement parts or assistance with our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team via email at:
We understand the importance of resolving issues promptly and ensuring your satisfaction.

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Flat River Games is proud to partner with the publishers listed below.

9th Level Games
APE Games
Archona Games
Backspindle Games
Barrel Aged Games
Bellwether Games
Brain Games
Cobblestone Games
Dead Alive Games
Devious Weasel Games
Dice Hate Me Games
Doctor Finn’s Games
Drawlab Entertainment
Escape Tabletop Games
Everything Epic Games
Evil Genius Games
First Fish Games
Flying Leap Games
Free League Publishing
Game and a Curry Games
Gap Closer Games
Gate Keeper Games
Geek Attitude Games
Goodman Games
Greater Than Games
Grey Fox Games
Greyridge Games
Hegemonic Project
Homestar Runner
Horrible Guild
Jordan Draper Games
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Lynnvander Studios
Mandoo Games
Mantic Games
Medieval Lords
Mentha Designs
Modiphius Entertainment
Neat Games
Nord Games
Paverson Games
Pelgrane Press
Pencil First Games
Pendragon Game Studios
Rebellion Unplugged
Seabrook Studios
Shoeless Pete Games
Sinister Fish Games
Sit Down Games
SlugFest Games
Snap Ships
SolarFlare Games
Song Saga
Sophisticated Cerberus Games
Strange Machine Games
Studio 9 Games
Synapses Games
Tinker House Games
Todys Games
Troll Lord Games
Wet Ink Games
Wild Power Games
Wildfire Games
Word Forge Games
Wyvern Gaming
XYZ Game Labs

Our Services

Retail + Hobby Distribution

Ecommerce Strategy


Meet Our Team

Jules Vautour

Vice President of Hobby Distribution &
Business Development


Head of Publishing
President, Synapses Games

Paul Bender

President, Greater Than Games


Editor-in-Chief, Greater Than Games

Colin Young

Assistant Director, Hobby Distribution

Katie Nale

Hobby Marketing Manager

Danni Loe

Hobby Product Marketing Manager

Twuana Price

Marketing Administrator

McKenzie Breimayer

Sales Support Specialist

Ruby Topping

Sales Support Specialist

Olivia Lothary

Vendor Liason

Hunter Shelburne

Vendor Liason

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Upcoming Events


PAX Unplugged
December 1-3, 2023


Toy Fair Nuremberg (Spielwarenmesse)
January 30 – February 3, 2024


March 3-7, 2024


ACD Games Day
May 22-24, 2024