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Success Stories

Educational Games Company Makes Smart Moves With FRG

“It was a no-brainer and I still think it’s a no-brainer for us to choose Flat River over anyone else.”

David Capon | CEO FoxMind Group


As a Canadian-based brand, FoxMind collaborates with FRG to service Amazon US. Through inventory planning and management with FRG, FoxMind stays in stock and is accessible to families, educators, and sales channels in North America. We strive to build brand awareness to make FoxMind a household name.


FRG added additional sales channels to increase sales and brand awareness for FoxMind. Through participation in promotional events, advertising campaigns and optimizing detail pages, conversions and traffic has grown. Our dropship capabilities ensure our sales channels stay in stock during 4th quarter when the seasonal demand is strongest.

Our Partnership

David Capon partnered his company, FoxMind with Flat River Group soon after it was initially established and has been a strong advocate ever since. There is a mutual respect and sharing of industry knowledge and working together to be innovative and accelerate the FoxMind brand across sales channels.

Client Overview

Flat River Group Vendor Partner since 2011, one of our original partners.

FoxMind Group Ltd. is an award-winning manufacturer of games/toys that are educational and fun. They strive to be known as ‘the smarter fun company’ that brings family and friends together for memorable times.

Video Transcript

“It was a no-brainer and I still think it’s a no-brainer for us to choose Flat River over anyone else.

FoxMind is a publisher based in Canada that produces and publishes games of different categories. We have games that are educational, family-oriented, strategy games. All our games are characterized by being very simple to explain but underneath they pack a lot of, I would say “smarts.” You can learn them very quickly, but in order to play them, you have to develop different types of skills without even know that you are developing these types of skills.

I would say that for FoxMind Flat River has checked all of the important boxes. And they are essentially expertise, communication, know-how, contacting into the market. Being able to use their deep knowledge of Amazon and deep relationship with Amazon to solve us problems that we would not be able to solve with a big company like Amazon where we will be a bit drowning there. For us the most important aspect is the communication. When I say communication it’s the fact that we have also somebody that knows our company already inside-out and with whom this communication is very fluent and is based on many years of collaboration.”

Video produced by Stoneburner Video Productions, LLC.